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Royal Painters Inc.

Painter in Mississauga, Ontario
Address: 55 Village Centre Pl, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1V9
Phone: (647) 995-7890
Appointments: royalpainters.ca

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What does a Mississauga house or office painter do?

Applying paint makes surfaces attractive and vibrant. In addition, paints and other sealers protect interior and exterior surfaces from weather, mold, and erosion.
Because there are several ways to apply paint, workers must be able to choose the proper tool for each job, such as the correct roller, power sprayer, and the right size brush. Choosing the right tool typically depends on the surface to be covered and the characteristics of the finish.

Construction painters do the following:
– Cover floors and furniture with drop-cloths and tarps to protect surfaces
– Remove fixtures such as pictures, door knobs, or electric switch covers
– Put up scaffolding and set up ladders
– Fill holes and cracks with caulk, putty, plaster, or other compounds
– Prepare surfaces by scraping, wire brushing, or sanding to a smooth finish
– Calculate the area to be painted and the amount of paint needed
– Apply primers or sealers so the paint will adhere
– Choose and mix paints and stains to reach desired colour and appearance
– Apply paint or other finishes using hand brushes, rollers, or sprayers

A few construction Mississauga painters—mainly industrial—must use special safety equipment. For example, painting in confined spaces such as the inside of a large storage tank, requires workers to wear self-contained suits to avoid inhaling toxic fumes.

When painting bridges, tall buildings, or oil rigs, construction painters may work from scaffolding, bosun’s chairs, and harnesses to reach work areas.

    Finding a reputable house painter.

    Look for the following indicators of a reputable company.
    – First and foremost look for a love of craft. Does the company owner “geek out” about the chemistry of paint? Do they lovingly volunteer stories of past pet projects? All these things indicate that the company owner takes personal pride in the work his or her company does.
    – Do they spend a lot of time walking around the property with you? Do they point out potential problem areas and ask detailed questions about your expectations? The more time a contractor spends with you and your home, the more thorough both your and his/her understanding of the project will be and the more accurate their estimate.
    – Do they make recommendations that are specific to your house? Do they find things that you may have overlooked such as paint build-up or problems such as excessive moisture that may compromise the job? These observations not only demonstrate knowledge but also serve to educate you. If your project is detailed or involves lead paint, you’ll want to hear specifics about process, protection, and cleanup, not general statements.

    Review the proposal for the house painting

    For big jobs, bids can vary by tens of thousands of dollars. Chances are that lower bids mean less prep. Or they could use cheaper materials, or they may not follow time-consuming safety protocol, or don’t pay their workers a living wage. On the other end of the spectrum, some painters may jack up the price based on your zip code or even because they don’t really need or want your business. In order to truly compare apples to apples, i.e. really understand what you money is buying, you need a detailed proposal from all your contractors.

    Another reason to request a delineated bid is simply to have in writing everything you discussed in the interview. With so many interviews, you may forget who said what. Ask him or her to include the following:

    • Detailed descriptions of work to be performed broken down by area and phase. For example, for exteriors the time/methods/materials to prep and paint siding, trim, porches, windows (areas) may be different. Ask for separate and detailed descriptions of the proposed prep work (including mention of any sanding, scrapping, grinding, caulking, repair) and paint (number of coats of primer and finish) for each of these areas. For interiors you want the work separated by room or project area (stairs, doors, floors, etc).
    • Quantities: Ask for the estimated number of hours or materials spent on each separate area/phase. For example, how much time do they expect to spend prepping the trim versus the siding. By requesting the estimated hours spent on each aspect of the job, you can see how each contractor expects to allocate their time.
    • Rates: The cost per each individual quantity, i.e. rate per hour or cost per material. These numbers can provide a window into quality. For example is one contractor paying his workers a lot less? They may be less skilled. Is one recommending ten cans of paint, while another five? Are the prices per can of paint different? All these details will help you make the best decision for your budget.
    • Type of paint recommended and number of coats. Whatever they told you in answer to your questions about paint above, ask them to reiterate that info in the proposal.
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